Study Permit

A foreign national from any part of the world can come to Canada for study but for this study permit is required to study in Canada. You can come to Canada to study either for a short course of 6 months or for a full time university program. You can enter or remain in Canada as a student.

We can help you to:

• Get study permit
• Entry Visa
• Renew/Extend study permit

Canada can be your permanent home after studies. There are different ways to apply for permanent resident while staying in Canada.

Canada has one of the best and most respected education systems in the world. Every year, thousands of students from from all over the world come to pursue their educational goals in Canada.

With new ways to gain valuable Canadian work experience during and after your studies, the advantages of studying in Canada are great. There are also permanent immigration options for international students who have graduated from post-secondary programs in Canada.
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Canadian schools that can host international students are known as designated learning institutions. Some
private institutions, such as career colleges and language schools, are not regulated by the government.
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Immigration & Education
Immigration & Education