Canadian Citizenship

After immigrating to Canada or USA either as student, worker, family or refuge next most important and final thing to do is to get Permanent Resident (PR) status. Next step after that is if you full fil conditions of citizenship you can become citizen. Before becoming citizen there are some conditions a permanent resident must fulfil.
• Must be 18 years old
• Must be permanent resident
• Must have been physically present In Canada for at least 1460 days in 6 years
• Must be present in Canada for at least 183 days during each of 4 years
• Must have filed personal taxes in the four years
• Must show intent to live in Canada
• Language ability & Must pass the citizenship test

Under 18
• Child’s parent can apply
• Child must be permanent resident
• One parent must be Canadian citizen or applying with child for citizenship

AMO can help you find how you can qualify for Permanent Resident (PR). How to apply and get ready for citizenship or can provide file review to avoid errors. If there is any problem AMO can guide you how to resolve the problem.
US Citizenship

US is one of the counties who welcome immigrant, with the highest number of immigrants in the world. It’s a world of freedom and opportunities. You can qualify for US citizenship if:

• You have been a permanent resident of US for the 5 years
• You have been living in US as spouse of a US citizen
• You are child of a US citizen born outside US
• Citizenship test and English language
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